About Our Program

Children are like sponges and learn so much in their young age. Our school programs follow the Leap 'N Learn™ curriculum designed for the special needs of each child.

The amount of growth seen in each child by years end is truly amazing. Dance helps children to develop healthy disciplined bodies, creative minds, and in depth knowledge and appreciation of dance as an art form. It develops flexibility, strength, coordination, performing skills, self discipline and grace.

Our curriculum consists of working with numbers, shapes, colors, rhyming and dance terminology. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through the use of music, dance and creative activity. All of our music is age and kid friendly.

Pre-Ballet, Pre-Bop, Jazz and Creative Movement Classes are a wonderful introduction to the joys of movement and are a great experience for all children. Our program is beneficial whether they pursue a dance career or not.

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Madeline Luaces

My First Dance Inc. Founder & Dance Instructor