Our dance curriculum runs from September through the end of May. Each month we have a new theme and new steps to learn.

Coloring pages will be sent out monthly as fun reminders to the children of what they learned in class that month. Any news or important information for parents will also be on the coloring pages.

In December or January (depending on the school your child is enrolled in) we will have a parent showing. This performance is for fun and is intended to help the children with memorizing and also gaining experience in performing in front of others. In May we will have our dance recital to end our dance year. You can see a huge development throughout the course of our dance classes.


We meet once a week for 45 minutes. Some months consist of 3 classes some months consist of 5 classes. Semester begins in September and ends at the end of May.

We also offer at some schools:

  • Pre-Bop (beginning hip hop)
  • Creative movement
  • Mommy and Me classes

Our classes are for both boys and girls!